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Important: the fees shown are for 'Adult' rates.

White ArrowThe discount (for 'Child', 'Youth', 'Senior', etc. passes) will be applied when you select a pass, and 'Add to Cart'.

White ArrowThe discount will be applied based on the birth date we have in our system, of the person that the given pass is purchased for.

White ArrowTry-it and Student passes must be purchased in person at the front desk. Students must present valid Student ID.

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Pass Package Description Category Standard Fee Action
CycleFIT - 10 Visit Quick ViewCycleFIT$115.00Add to Cart
FitPass - 10 Visit Quick ViewFitPass$63.45Add to Cart
GECC Pickleball 10 Visit Quick ViewGleneagles$45.00Add to Cart
GECC Playmania 10 visit pass Quick ViewGleneagles$65.00Add to Cart
GECC Weight Room Pass - 1 Month Quick ViewGleneagles$74.50Add to Cart
GECC Weight Room Pass - 3 Month Quick ViewGleneagles$150.75Add to Cart
GECC Weight Room Pass - Annual Quick ViewGleneagles$380.25Add to Cart
Skate Pass - 10 Visit Quick ViewIce Arena$46.80Add to Cart
Stick & Puck Pass - 10 Visit - All ages Quick ViewIce Arena$54.00Add to Cart
Masters Swim Club Pass - 10 Visit - Adult Quick ViewMasters Swim Club$80.10Add to Cart
Garden club 2018 Quick ViewMemberships$0.00Add to Cart
Seniors' Activity Centre Membership - Annual Quick ViewMemberships$37.00Add to Cart
WVCCS Membership - Family Quick ViewMemberships$10.00Add to Cart
WVCCS Membership - Individual Quick ViewMemberships$6.00Add to Cart
PT ICBC 1-Session AC Quick View1 PT ICBC SessionPersonal Training - Aquatic Centre$75.00Add to Cart
PT ICBC 10-Session AC Quick View10 PT ICBC SessionPersonal Training - Aquatic Centre$678.00Add to Cart
PT ICBC 5-Session AC Quick View5 PT ICBC SessionPersonal Training - Aquatic Centre$356.00Add to Cart
PT Private 1-Session AC Quick View1 PT SessionPersonal Training - Aquatic Centre$70.01Add to Cart
PT Private 3-Sessions AC Quick View3 PT SessionsPersonal Training - Aquatic Centre$200.01Add to Cart
PT Private 5-Sessions AC Quick View5 PT SessionsPersonal Training - Aquatic Centre$324.01Add to Cart
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