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  1. Request a reservation-this relates to campsites, tenting, cabins, RV, activities (archery, pelletry, zipline etc.)
  2. View facility details-this will allow you to look at the facility list, facility hours, pricing and the availability calendar related to each site within the Prairie region.
  3. Interactive Maps-this page allows you to visually choose options from a specific location once you have selected the dates you would like to attend.

Some sites and activities are seasonal and may not be available year round. Most locations can be booked 7 days in advance.

If you require multiple bookings at one camp you will need to create separate bookings for each. For example if you need a Cabin and a Picnic shelter at Camp Woods. Complete the Cabin booking and then go back to the Reservations tab and repeat the steps to book the Picnic Shelter.

    • Facility Details
    • This path will allow you to view details about each location to help you identify appropriate sites.
      To view facility details including location, contact information and hours of operations. First log in with your username and password, or create a new account. Once logged in you will be able to use the calendar to view the availability for your selected location.
    • Interactive Maps
    • Reservation by Interactive site specific maps. If you are not familiar with our specific Camp amenities please review in the facility details.
      First log in with your username and password, or create a new account. The you can use the interactive Camp Maps to reserve campsites, tenting, RV and cabins with once you have selected the dates that you would like to attend. The availability icons show green for available, yellow for closed/unavailable and red is booked.

Reminder-Multiple bookings at one site require separate bookings through the reservations process.