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Looking for a place to host a party, meeting, sporting event or function? The Town of Pelham has halls, Arenas, sports fields, picnic areas and a swimming pool available for your next event!

How Do I Rent a Town Facility?

Step 1: Visit for more information.

Check availability

  • Select your facility of interest
  • Browse for your desired date and time of booking
  • If you are looking for a booking for the day of - please contact the Customer Service at the Meridian Community Centre at 905-732-7871

Step 2: Request your booking

  • Contact us directly at or 905-892-2607 ext. 360 or
    Visit us in person at Meridian Community Centre

Step 3: Finalize your booking

The Town of Pelham Facility Rental Associate will:

  • Contact you directly to confirm availability
  • Request a payment and/or deposit
  • Send you a Rental Agreement and other applicable forms to be signed and submitted
  • Finalize permit and send electronic confirmation

    • View Facility Details
    • View Facility Details

      You may view facilities' schedules by Facility Type, Location, or Amenity. If there is an opening and you wish to book it, please contact the Facility Rental Associate at 905-892-2607 ext. 360.