• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: What is a BCIT Recreation Services Membership and what can I access with it?
A: BCIT Recreation Services Memberships allow access to the Burnaby Campus Fit Pit, discounted rates for drop-in sports, recreational instructional courses, squash, and racquetball courts.
Q: Who is eligible for a BCIT Recreation Services Membership?
A: Full Time Students
All current full-time students automatically have free memberships 30-days prior to their course start date and 30-days after their course completion date.

Part Time Students
All part-time students automatically have free memberships while enrolled in Part Time Studies. These memberships are valid from the first day of their course and expire on the last day of their course.

Students not enrolled in an academic course
Students who take a semester off from academic studies at BCIT are considered members of the public and may purchase a BCIT Recreation Services Public Membership or pay the public drop-in rate.

Staff and Faculty
All staff and faculty automatically have free memberships.

The public may either purchase a day pass or an extended membership online or in person at the Recreation Services Service Desk.

BCIT Alumni, with a valid Alumni Card, may purchase an Alumni Membership in person from the Recreation Services Service Desk
Q: What if I don't have a BCIT ID card?
A: Patrons will not have access to BCIT Recreation facilities and services without their BCIT ID card or membership card.

Full-time and Part-time Students
If you do not have a BCIT ID Card, you can apply for one at the BCIT Library on the Burnaby Campus. Please bring photo ID, a driver?s license or passport for processing purposes.

Faculty and staff
Please go to BCIT Safety, Security and Emergency Management to apply for or renew your BCIT Employee ID card.

You may purchase a membership online or in person. Your card must then be picked up at the Service Centre in Building SE16 on the Burnaby Campus.

You may purchase a membership and receive your card in person at the Service Centre.
Q: What can I do online that I couldn't do before?
A: Patrons can now create and manage their own accounts online as well as reserve racquet courts, and pay for public memberships. Registration for instructional fitness courses and reserving laundry and locker services will be available in August 2013. All patrons now have to do is show up, check in, receive their service, and enjoy.
Q: What are my payment options?
A: In-person payment options
Cash, debit card, credit card, cheque, or money order.

On-line payment option
Credit cards only.

For all online credit card purchases, the following processing fees will be applied by Active Network, our third party provider:
Transactions $0 - $150 6.5% + $0.50
Transactions $150 - $500 3.5% + $5.00
Transactions over $500 2.5% + $10.00
Q: What is the cancellation policy for Public and Alumni BCIT Recreation Memberships?
A: Public and Alumni
Cancellations will only be issued upon approval by a BCIT Recreation Supervisor. Cancellation requests must be accompanied by documentation, including (but not limited to):

Receipt of written medical recommendation from a Doctor; and/or
Written appeal that outlines the condition or set of circumstances that would prevent you from participating in BCIT Recreation Services activities.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: All refunds for services and programs must be done in person at the BCIT Burnaby Campus Recreation Service Service Centre in SE 16. Also, it must be done by a Recreation Supervisor.

BCIT Cancelled Services

1. In Person Transactions - Service Not Provided
Patron will receive 100 % of refund which includes the following:
A. Fee for the service

2. In Person Transactions - Partial Service Provided
Patron will receive a prorated amount which will include the following:
A. Pro-rated fee for the service

3. Online Transactions - Service Not Provided
Patron will receive 100 % of refund which includes the following:
A. Fee for the service
C. Full Active Networks processing fee

4. Online Transactions - Partial Service Provided
Patron will receive prorated amount which will include the following:
A. Pro-rated Fee for the service
C. Pro-rate Active Networks processing fee

Client Initiated Refund

1. All Transactions - Patron will receive a pro-rated refund as follows:
A. 0 to 20% used - 75% refund
B. 21 to 49% used - 45% refund
C. After 50% used - no refund

Note: No refund on the Active Network processing charge as refund was client initiated.
In extenuating circumstances alternate refunds maybe granted by the Recreation Facility Programmer or the Recreation Programmer
Q: What do I need to bring in order to access BCIT Recreation Facilities and Services?
A: Effective June 24, 2013, all students, faculty, and staff must swipe their BCIT ID card at the Service Centre in Building SE16 on the Burnaby Campus in order to access BCIT Recreation facilities and services.

Current students and staff - use your BCIT ID card

Public and Alumni - must first purchase a membership and be issued a recreation Services Membership card

Public Day Users - please check in at the Service Center and pay the admission fee
Q: With the new "swipe" system, do BCIT students and staff need a new card?
A: No. If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, your existing BCIT ID Card still provides you access to all recreation facilities.
Q: Upon entering the building, do I need to visit the BCIT Recreation Service counter?
A: Yes, all patrons must check in or swipe in at the Service Centre each time they use the facilities.
Q: What if I have lost my BCIT ID card?
A: Students
Students new to BCIT will typically receive their BCIT ID card during Student Orientation by visiting the BCIT Burnaby Library in Building SE14. Initial receipt of a BCIT ID card is free. If you lose your BCIT ID card, the library will charge a replacement fee. Please bring photo ID (driver?s license or passport) for processing purposes.

Faculty and staff
Please go to BCIT Safety, Security and Emergency Management in Building SW1 on the Burnaby Campus to obtain a new or replacement card.

Public and Alumni
If you lose your BCIT Recreation Membership ID Card, you may obtain a new one from the Recreation Service Centre in Building SE16 on the Burnaby Campus. A replacement fee of $10 will be charged.
Q: Additional questions?
A: Should you have additional feedback or questions about these changes or BCIT Recreation Services programs, please email BCIT_Recreation@bcit.ca and someone will respond to you within two business days.
Q: Weight Room Rules and Etiquette
A: Proper ID cards are needed for entry into the weight room. Cards accepted are valid BCIT ID Cards and Fit Pit membership cards. Student BCIT ID Cards are only valid while classes are in session. If students provide a letter from their program head stating they are between sessions they will be allowed access.

1. As a safety precaution, no one under the age of 18 may enter the Weight Room without permission from BCIT Recreation Services.

2. There is a 20-minute maximum time limit per cardio machine.

3. While resting, allow others to use the equipment. Ask to "set-in" if you are waiting.

4. Use a spotter and collars on barbells when lifting heavy weights to reduce the risk of injury.

5. Return equipment to its proper storage area after use.

6. Carry a towel and wipe down the equipment after you are done as courtesy for the next person.

7. Do not bring fitness bags onto the exercise floor. The cubby hole storage area in the weight room is available for use during training times only. BCIT is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal items. Please do not leave valuables in cubby holes or lockers. Any lost or found items will be held at the Recreation Services Equipment Office for 48 hours before being sent to BCIT Security.

8. Appropriate gym attire and footwear must be worn at all times - no open-toe shoes, workboots, or bare feet.

9. Food and glass containers are not allowed inside the Weight Room.

10. Please refrain from using scented products as courtesy to others.

11. Before engaging in use of unfamiliar exercises or equipment, ask for assistance.

12. Behave in a manner that is respectful and polite. Loud, aggressive behaviors is unacceptable.